Serving the Best Fish & Chips in the Frimley/Camberley/Farnborough areas


This is our Restaurant Menu


Avocado & Prawns________________________________________£4.75

Classic Prawn Cocktail_____________________________________£4.75

Breaded Butterfly Prawns __________________________________£4.75

Calamari Strips __________________________________________£4.75

Queen Scampi ___________________________________________£4.75

Garlic Mushrooms_________________________________________£3.95

Onion Rings _____________________________________________£3.95

Mixed Platter_____________________________________________£6.75

(Calamari strips, queen scampi

Garlic Mushrooms & Onion rings)

Kim’s Special

Small Cod & Chips, Served with a side order of

Mushy Peas, Garden Peas or Curry Sauce

with a Soft Drink, Tea, Coffee or Dessert of the day.



Fish Main Courses

Generous cuts of succulent fish coated in our delicious batter garnished with a wedge of lemon. Choice of tomato or tartare sauce and served with bread and butter.


Cod & Chips ______________________________________________ Med £7.95 | Lrg £8.95

Cod is a white flaky fish with a delicate taste


Haddock & Chips___________________________________________Med £7.95 | Lrg £8.95

Similar to Cod in texture but has a pronounced flavour


Plaice & Chips __________________________________________________________£8.95

A flat fish with a white flaky texture


Huss (Rock) & Chips _____________________________________________________£8.95

Soft texture, off white when cooked with a rich distinctive taste


Skate Wing & Chips_________________________________________ £9.95

This is a soft boned flat fish with a soft meaty texture


Scampi & Chips _________________________________________________________£7.95

Queen reformed Scampi with salad and coleslaw


Main Courses

Chicken Breast & Chips_______________________________________£5.50

Pukka Pie & Chips___________________________________________£5.50

Large Sausage & Chips_______________________________________£4.50

Cheese Burger & Chips_______________________________________£5.50

Ham Burger & Chips_________________________________________£5.40

Chicken Burger & Chips ______________________________________£5.50


Children’s Menu

Child’s meals include a Fruitshoot & Ice Cream


Cod & Chips______________________________________________£5.75

Sausage & Chips __________________________________________£4.50

Nuggets & Chips __________________________________________£5.50


Side Orders

Mushy Peas_____________________________________________£2.00

Coleslaw _______________________________________________£2.00

Garden Peas ____________________________________________£2.00

Mixed Salad_____________________________________________£3.75

Curry Sauce_____________________________________________£2.00




Soft Drinks: Coke, Diet Coke, etc                                       £1.30

Tropicana Orange Juice                                                     £1.80

Fruit Shoot                                                                       £1.30

Hildon Mineral Water                                                         Small £1.30 | Large £3.00

Pot of Tea                                                                        For One £1.80 or Two £2.00

Coffee                                                                              £1.80



Becks                                                                              £2.50

Grolsch                                                                           £2.75



Sauvignon Blanc                              125ml Glass £3.50                                                          Bottle £11.95

Muscadet                                        125ml Glass £3.50                                                          Bottle £11.95

Piniot Grigio (Italy)                                                                                                               Bottle £14.50

Chablis                                                                                                                                Bottle £19.00

Merlot (Red)                                    125ml Glass £3.50                                                          Bottle £11.95

Fleurie                                            125ml Glass £3.95                                                          Bottle £15.95